Department of Internal Medicine



Welcome to Department of Internal Medicine and to your Postgraduate Experience!

We are delighted that you are considering undertaking your postgraduate degree in the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at the University of the Witwatersrand.
The research environment is stimulating and thought-provoking that builds your knowledge on a sound basis of research methodology and ethics.
Our Postgraduate and Research Offices are manned by highly skilled individuals who will assist you in your endeavors to attain your postgraduate degree. In addition, our academic staff are involved in ground breaking research in clinical, applied and basic sciences, thus providing fertile and varied fields in which you may choose to work.
I am sure that you will find the period of your postgraduate study exciting and fulfilling.
Please download the introductory booklet which introduces postgraduate students to the Faculty of Health Sciences and to assist local and international students with work, study and social environments.
The booklet will also be useful to supervisors and other members of staff. I hope it will provide you with most of the information that you need to speed you on your way!