Research Entities

Department of Internal Medicine Research Laboratory


The Department of Internal Medicine Laboratory is an open plan laboratory with a common work area for 22 researchers. There are staff offices and a shared postgraduate room.

The laboratory houses a Central Tissue Culture Facility, Pre and Post PCR areas, a PCR room, an electrophoresis room; and an extraction area for the extraction and processing of RNA, DNA and protein from biohazardous samples.

Tissue Culture facilities

  • Three laminar flows for sterile tissue culture
  • One open laminar flow with dissecting microscope
  • Four CO2 incubators
  • An Inverted microscope
  • TC10™ Automated Cell Counter (BIORAD)

Specialised equipment

The xCELLigence System (Roche)

  • Real-time cell based assays:
  • Cell death
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Cell vialbility
  • Proliferation
  • Receptor mediated signalling
Olympus XL10 Fluorescence microscope

Repository Facility

  • 11 low temperature freezers
  • Network linked temperature monitoring system
  • Liquid Nitrogen Storage Vat
    • Repository for the long term storage of commercial and derived cell lines
    • Cell lines: Colorectal Carcinoma, Breast Cancer (12 cell lines), Ovarian Cancer, Kidney, Liver, Podocyte, Tubular Epithelial, Drosophila

PCR facilities

A dedicated room for PCR containing:
  • 2 Conventional PCR machines
  • 1 Conventional PCR machine with gradient capabilities (MJ Mini)
  • ABI Real Time PCR System:
    • Absolute Quantification
    • Relative gene expression
    • Biogazelle analysis software, MIQE
    • Focused PCR arrays
    • Genotyping- Taqman assays
  • A Thermo PikoReal Real Time PCR machine
  • A dedicated Pre –PCR set up area
    • Two PCR hoods for setting up PCR reactions to prevent cross over contamination
  • A dedicated PCR hood in the PCR room for the addition of templat

Protein Facilities

  • 1 and 2D electrophoresis capability (PD Quest analysis software, BIORAD)
  • Western Blotting euipment
  • ELISA machine
  • The Bio-Plex Suspension array System with Luminex xMAP technology (BIORAD)
The Bio-Plex is a convenient and flexible multiplex analysis system that allows the simultaneous analysis of many analytes in a single microplate well.

Other equipment

  • Gel Doc System for visualisation and quantification of nucleic and proteins in gels
  • Nanodrop UV spectrophotometer for quantification of nucleic acids and proteins